Dionnae Ford
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Cleveland, Ohio • Age 29
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Rana @rana4earn (101) California City, California 25 Aug 16
I am just a ordinary human, who want to die after complete the aim of human born. welcome my friend to the journey of perfect human. First Humanity Then...
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Sue H. @CinnamonGrl (7083) Santa Fe, New Mexico 13 Aug 15
Retired lady living in Santa Fe, NM. I lived in Paradise but on November 8, 2018, our pretty little town burned down and took my parents' home where I lived.
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Dylan @mawdest (1587) Canada 9 Dec 12
I am an avid music lover/musician, worldly traveller, foodie, and sports lover, and will talk about such things with heart and passion at any given time!
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Marlina @marlina (154165) Canada 17 Aug 15
Canadian lady
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Chrystal Mack @Cmackk (253) Cleveland, Ohio 8 Sep 16
Iam very outgoing I love helping people if I can the most important people in my life are my 2 children my favorite animal is an elephant which i collect
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