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April 17, 2007 5:49am CST
Her's another story from chicken soup for the teenage soul III China's story China was fourteen, she gave what she got She had many friends, who loved her a lot. she loved them back too, and would always be there. but at prettier girls she could not help but stare. you must understand,that this group was a sight, with their cover girl masks, and their shirts way too tight. the guys hung around them, as though in trance, they were always the first ones who were asked to dance. they seemed to secure, knowing just what to say, and they said what they say in the coolest of ways they never were seen without smiles on their faces their clothes were real tight in all the right places. you can see what I mean, when I say they were cool. they were by far the sexiest girls in school. So china dreamed on, by day and by night, wishing her shirts would fit her as tight. she wondered what contest she would have to win. For,she'd give uo the world, and her life to fit in. She kept it a secret, hoping nobody knew, but her friends caught on fast, and they found it was true. they tried to warn her of their pretentious way. but china grew more and more stubborn each day. as cool as they were, as as hot as their show, they struggled in school and their grades were quite low. the groups of girls smoked, and were known to drink beer. but this was not stuff china wanted to hear. so china tried hard to fit in with the clique, she giggled at jokes that she knew were just sick. she gave her attention to these cool girls alone. she dressed just like them, in style not her own. china's old friends feared her drifting aways, they were losing her slowly and didn't know what to say. they told china the truth, that the group was all fake, but their words of advie , china jsut wouldn't take. Why aren't they happy for me? china thought. I don't act like myself, but now look where I've got. she thought her old friends were jealous and tart, she was truthfully happy, deep down in her heart. china laughed at her old friends, along with her new. they made fun of so many and smiled at so few. china's new friends were cools, she was in with the clan. she was treated like they were, she was happy again. china's old groups of friends sadly melted away. they left china alone, but watched close everyday. they longed for her friendship, the warmth in her smile. and hoped she'd miss them and come back in a while. but the jokes kept on coming,so the group with a sigh, turned their backs on harsh china, and walked silently by. the pain was too deep and the torture too hard, her old friend's poor hearts had been torn out and scarred. as all this did happen, the cool did their thing, they giggled and gossiped and made actions sting. they mutated china, the best that they could, and taught her to be like a glamour girl should. china went to parties, she got into fights, she became really cool, but during the night, she tried to discover just what was the scoop, why she wasn't content in her newly found group. then one day it hit her, came into her head. that the answer was one she truly did dread. she had run ahead quickly and back around the bends, she had left her companions, she had ditched her true friends. china realized her error, "This group's not a sight, with their make-up done perfect and hair fixed just right that's now what they look like, it's a lie what you see, it's the maybeline models, they wish they could be." then early one night, around seven o' clock a girl opened the door to the sound of a knock. out in the cold, standing their in the rain, stood teary-eyed china, her old self again. neither one spoke, as she ushered her in, the girl knew from experience, where china had been. she had also once felt, that those girls were the best, but those long-ago thoughts, she had put down to rest. the girls sat up talking for a good length of time, china knew in her heart that she would be just fine. she couldn't believe just how much she had been blessed. that her lovingdear firends, would forgive her like this. this tale ends happy, but not all stories will, some friends aren't forgiving, so they go in for the kill. china was lucky, but you may not be, so choose you're friends wisely, and help others see. the moral is not to have one group friends, from particular table, with particular trends. it's to teach of the truth,that those girls tried to hide, you will always be cool if it comes from inside.
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