Wich is age when a person is mature enaught for a real relationship?

@al87exa (720)
April 17, 2007 6:32am CST
Age is a problem when somebody want a love relationship?what you think?
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@piropos (312)
• Philippines
17 Apr 07
Age is a relative term when talking about maturity, specially in relationships. But then, it also depends on which type of relationship. I guess when it comes to mature man-woman relationship, then it would depend on legal issues, because each country would have its own traditions and laws that govern such mature relationships, like betrothals and marriages. Let say you should be 18 in your country before you can get married, while in other countries, you should be at least 14 years old. In this case, chronological age doesn't matter. The law and traditions will say when you can get married. But for other types of relationships, well even man-woman relationships (or even man-man or woman-woman), it depends on how you were brought up. If in your society freedom to love who you want to love is accepted or tolerated, then you are free to love anyone. If your society dictates that you have to be engaged with someone your parents chooses for you then, if want to be subjected to such dictates, then you have to follow that. However, if you believe that love should be freely felt and shared, then go ahead. But be ready to accept consequences. And this is the measure of maturity: your willingness to accept the consequences of your actions. Willingness to do so is showing much maturity. Avoiding consequences is to show that your are not mature enough to be in a relationship of any type.