Cleaning Shower Tiles?

United States
April 17, 2007 6:59am CST
Okay I really need everyones help on this. The tiles in my shower have this hazy look all over them that I am tired of looking at. I have tried every cleaning product that I can think of and I can't seem to get the tiles to look shiny and new. Does anyone have any other ideas? Maybe a cleaning product that I haven't thought to use yet (like something that is not really used in bathrooms). I have also thought about waxing them, but I am not sure that it will work and that is a lot of time consuming work (especially if it doesn't work). So I need your help, what will work to make my shower tiles shiny like new again?
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@ryanphil01 (4184)
• Philippines
17 Apr 07
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One way to do the cleaning of shower tiles is through this simple and cheapest way, as recommended in Dish detergent, mixed at a 1:1 ratio with warm water, will clean soap scum and light mold from shower tile. It will only take a couple of tablespoons of cheap detergent- that's all you need to cover the walls. Use a scrub brush for the quickest job, and rinse by pouring water over the tile. Wall tile can be cleaned the same way. Use a cloth to rinse. Another way is through the use of a commercial product known as Stain Solver - Oxygen Bleach - Maximum Cleaning Power. See the demo product at hope this information will be of help.
• Philippines
10 May 07
i hope the tip i gave you helped you a lot. thanks for the best response.
@mtdewgurl74 (18159)
• United States
11 May 07
I have used Baking soda and lukewarm water with a scrub brush it works fine just make sure to rinse good will make them sparkle and clean, If you don't have that then a Mr. clean power sponge works well too without harse cleaners just wet the sponge and go to work. I have also used OxyClean and that is great as well and it works for almost everything. You can even get a offbrand and it works as well for less money. They have one called oxygen for a $1 at some places. Well I hope something works for you without emptting your pockets.
@TerryZ (22082)
• United States
17 Apr 07
I have to say thats the one job I hate to do. And as a matter of fact I have to do mine soon. But of course I dont have any good cleaning supplys in the house. I use the clorox clean up. It disenfacts and whites the tiles. I also use that in my sinks too. And it wont scratch its a spray on. Leave set for a couple of minutes and wipe clean.