when you think of brasil you think of what?

@rubiana6 (270)
April 17, 2007 7:41am CST
we have some prejudices avout most countrys, special pictures we dont get out of our heads. thinking of africa we think of poverty, thinking of russia we think of snow etc. i am from brasil and woulod really like to know your picture from my country? what do you think if you hear: brasil? please to all men who will say: butts! i know that! but something more besides that and socker?
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• Brazil
20 Jun 07
soccer, girls, violency.
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• Philippines
26 Jun 07
hi rubiana! when i think of brasil... first thing that would come in my mind is the brazil team in the world cup 2006. i so love ronaldo, especially ronaldhinho. ronaldhinho always smile when he plays, giving me the impression that brazilians are very friendly and with warm hospitality. second is the girls. don't get me wrong, i am straight ok. lol. i just find your women so beautiful and sexy. i've never seen a fat brazilian to tell you the truth! i wish i had brazilian blood in me. *sigh* third is the book of paulo coelho "eleven minutes". it was about a brazilian woman who struggled with love in her life. in that book, the author mentioned that brazil is spelled as "brasil" not with a Z. i was amazed because all over the world it's brazil! happy posting! greetings from the philippines *wink*