bad sides

@mlotboy (293)
April 17, 2007 12:01pm CST
I'm talking bad about my girlfriend a lot. I'm only seeing her bad sides. I hate it. It is very horrible of me. I want to stop it. Guys tell me how to see the good sides in her.
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@jbrooks0127 (2326)
• United States
17 Apr 07
Not knowing your situation it is difficult to give you advice but I will give you a few ideas. Most of the time if a girl is giving you trouble it is because of something you have done. Doesn't mean you have to do everything she wants or means how you treat her. Women respond to you pretty much the way you respond to them. If they feel you love them and the feel the same for you they will not give you trouble. But if they think maybe you don't look out. Women do not like to hurt others. So what they do is say and do things that, for them, tells you they are not happy. Try to go back and remember what it was about this girl that attracted you in the first place. How has that changed. If you are always talking bad about her you either don't care for her anymore or you feel she has hurt you and you don't know why. There is only one thing to do. Sit her down and tell her how you feel and find out what is really going on. Communication, or the lack there of, has killed so many relationships. Just do it.
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• Philippines
18 Apr 07
hi mlotboy! i do agree with jbrook! probably there' something wrong that you're hurting, or your girlfriend done something that annoyed you, and just look back and reminisce good things about her like what makes you to love her during the courting stage. You guys need to talk about it. Im sure you'll be able to surpass this trial and don't forget to pray because HE knows best. Wish you well and goodluck.
23 Apr 07
I see good in people maybe a bit to much, although I do known if someone should be trusted. Little signs give things away, try not to think about them and focus on having fun buddy. Maybe this will help you stop doing it. ~Joey P.s I'm sure you know what you like about her, good sides really must be more than bad ones. your with her =)