Do you know someone with a house that smells like animals?

@AdamMax (260)
United States
April 17, 2007 1:50pm CST
Have you ever visited someone's house and the minute you walk in, you know they have indoor pets? Its not to say all people who have pets have this. I've been to some houses where they keep large dogs inside and you would never know unless you saw them.
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• Ireland
17 Apr 07
I was in one such house very recently. I had put an add for a washing machine on a freecycle site and the person who requested it was unable to collect it so I offered to deliver it. This person had a tiny little house and she told me she had seven dogs and five cats and I could get the smell of them from the halldoor. As I carried the machine through to the kitchen I could see almost all of the animals lying on her sofa and they didn't look too clean to me. I must admit that she was a nice enough lady and offered me a cup of tea which I politely declined as I couldn't wait to get home and have a shower and get into some clean clothes.
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@jbb316 (1779)
• United States
17 Apr 07
Yes and it is so disguisting. I went to a house and they have 2 indoor pets and it smelled musky and dirty and almost made me sick. But the worst house I ever went to was this lady's house who breeds dogs. She had about 20 dogs in her house. It was old and had wood floors. The dogs would pee and poop right on the floor and she would never clean it up. It was the worst house I had ever been to. It was so nasty and unsanitary. I thought I was going to throw up.
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• Canada
17 Apr 07
My mother lives in a farm, so the entire property kinda smells like it's just been fertilized. LOL I don't even notice it anymore, I'm so used to it.
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