Does money bring happiness?

@getjimmy (2243)
October 20, 2006 2:07am CST
I'm not even stepping on the subject of "greed" and "money is evil." If you have a lot of money, and do good with it like donating to charities or helping other family members, etc. But many people seem to say "money is evill, mone isn't everything, money doesn't bring happiness." I just think they don't know what they're talking about. I know for a fact that money will solve 70% of my stress and my parents' stress. So to me, money is a VERY good thing. I'm not a bad person and I cannot possibly see myself turning "evil" like what everyone seems to think. People say you need love more than you need money - but seriously, you couldn't live on the streets with the person you love and not starve. You need BOTH.
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@kunizzul (1067)
• Malaysia
13 Nov 08
I think money is the principal factor in bringing about a happy life. Money provide us with comfort and living. No need to worry about food and shelter. No need to worry about education for your children if you have a lot of money. Also you can afford better food, education, lifestyle for yourself and family. But, actually it still did not guarantee happiness. What is wealth without health, love, peace or self-esteem?????? =)
• India
22 Oct 06
sure it does to some extent...
• India
22 Oct 06
it is not money that brings happiness.Happiness for normal people come, when their desires are fulfilled.when one desire is fullfilled, suddenly another on comes in.So they are not happy until that one is satisfied.So, if you look at it, you can see that it is the state of desirelessness that brings happiness.When your desire is fullfilled you no more have that particular desire.You have managed to extinguish that desire.But it is temporary.You are happy for the short interval between one desire's end and the other desire's beginning.The only way you can be permenantly happy is to permanently extinguish desires.which means you dont allow new desires to come in.There are two ways to be happy...either you keep on fulfilling your desires or you remain in a state where there are no desires.The second choice is the permenant one which makes you remain peaceful inspite of what happens outside you.