How often do you and your spouse get to be alone w/o your kids?

@lenapoo (678)
United States
April 17, 2007 3:36pm CST
Well alot of times we want to do things together and we don't have a babysitter. Does anyone know of a good way to find a reliable babysitter that won't cost you an arm and a leg to pay for. I want to spend more alone time with my hubby because we never really get to be alone. Don't get me wrong I love my kids dearly and I couldn't imagine life w/o them, but I just would like to enjoy some alone time with my husband in which I feel is fair. So if anyone knows some good ways to find a babysitter that doesn't cost so much please let me know.
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@cher913 (25859)
• Canada
17 Apr 07
Not enough. My children are older but we are all so busy that we just dont get much time to ourselves, plus we dont have a lot of extra cash to say go out for dinner or anything like that. I am hoping for the warmer weather so we can go for a walk on the beach then out for a cone or something :-) babysitters = a lot of money, my daughter is just starting to babysit (she is almost 14) and while i was happy with $20 for babysitting, the last gig she did was for $40 and plus she got to stay over night (it was friends of ours) What about grandma or another relative? or babysit one night for a friend who has children the same age as yours and get them to return the favor at a later date?