Site that's just like Ebay!

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April 17, 2007 5:03pm CST
Well I found this new site, that is just like Ebay. But instead of buying things with your money, and bidding against other.. you pay with points, and it's a first come, first serve thing. You bid on it, it's automatically yours. When you first sign up, you're given 15 free points, to get things started. So if you're wondering if it's a legit kind of thing, you can use your free points for something that you may want, or need and see how that goes. That's what I did. I spent my first 15 points on 3 items. One was a 'lot of 3 teethers' for my son, a 'eyebrow pencil' for me, and a 'chicken soup for the teenage soul' book also. Once you've confirm that you want to bid on the items, it'll automatically be posted under your 'items I've won' list in your account. The seller is then notified of your purchased, and then goes ahead and ships out your items. Of course, you don't pay for shipping either, the seller does. Once your item has been received, you go back to your account, click on the item that is listed, and click 'confirm' to let the seller know that you've receieved it, and now they can collect their points. Well, I was notified by the seller about the teethers, that she would be sending it out late, so that I was okay with. The other 2 items, were sent to me in about a week, by US Postal. (Pics included) You get more points when you sell off items you don't want. Buyers only pay the asking amount of points, seller pays for shipping and everything. It's a new site, so you might not be able to find everything you might want or need, but they have 'want ads' available for that situation. I think it's a pretty niffy site. I sold pampers points and enfamil checks to accumalate more points. I think it's worth it, besides even if you don't want to bid on anything or sell anything after you've used up your 15 free points, you're not obligated to.
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17 Apr 07
Is this site only for people who live in America? I have had a quick look through the site and it does look very good but I couldnt find that it is open to anyone outside of America?? It is quite late here and I am about to go to bed so I may just have missed it.
• United States
17 Apr 07
I think currently it is. It's still trying to build up, and I think I read somewhere on the forums that it'll go international soon, or something.
18 Apr 07
Ok, I will keep an eye on it. Thank you for replying