April 18, 2007 12:28am CST
hey guys,, which 1 do u think has more comedy??hera pheri or hungama,,i hav seen both n lik both bt i prefer hera pheri to hungama,,,wat do u say guys??keep responding and rocking
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@psnogi (545)
• India
6 May 07
i think that it is hera pheri it is the best movie till now, this movie cannont be beaten i watch it whenever it comes on tv
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• India
20 Dec 11
haha what a comparison?? both movies by same director (if I am not wrong),both movies are great comedy movies.But I personally like hera pheri much because Paresh Rawal is great with his performance. OH wait .Paresh Rawal was also in Hungama...hmm but still I like Hera pheri much. Might be because in hungama a lot of incidents happen one after one while in hera pheri there was on theme .
@debjit (339)
• India
24 Jul 08
Hi friends... I've watched both movies lots of times and they both tickle my funny bones. Both of these movies are among the bests of Priyadarshan's creation. On the basis of fun content, there is a tough competion betwwen them. Paresh Rawal is at his best in both of the movies. Still, I'll put Hera Pheri ahed of Hungama in competiton for it's great storyline. I don't thing this movie is only a comedy movie, but it deals with the struggle of poor people and successfully has shown their lifestyle. This is a story about chasing and fulfilling their dreams. Those are the reasons I like this movie this much.
• Bangladesh
12 Apr 08
Yes, I was see both of the movies. i think there is no difference of those movies except story. both movies are comedy & have a lot number of actors but i like paresh rawal as babu bhai.
@Hrishi86 (676)
• India
27 Dec 07
Dear I also have seen both of movie. I like both picture but if question rises up so I would say I like most 'Hunhama' that is more comedy scenes and more laughing familier movie than Hera pheri. But Hera pheri is also so comedy and familier movie.
• India
19 Dec 07
Well tough one,but i think hera pheri wins.Its damn hilarious and o good time pass.I see it everytime it comes on TV,and i am always laughing.The combination of akshay kumar,paresh rawal and sunil sheety is just awesome.Paresh Rawal makes me laugh everytime.So definitely Hera Pheri is better...!!!