How do you gather referrals on mylot?

April 18, 2007 2:07am CST
What all methods do you use to gather referrals for mylot? How many referrals do you have in total, and how many of them are active? I have only 18 now, but only 1 of them is moderately active. Rest all are fast asleep. I tell my personal contacts about mylot, and I have a friend who has promised me to help by spreading the word on a network she uses - Orkut. I think most of my referrals have been given by her.
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@Augustta (1860)
• Poland
22 Apr 07
"Only 18???" Are you kidding me???I don't have any and looks to be very hard to make even one... Now i am jealous,how did you succeeded? All my friends want make money fast and not spending much time... augusta
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• India
22 Apr 07
LOL. I said "only", because the top referrer at Mylot has over 3,000 referrals! But anyway, even if it had been 50 instead of 18 it makes no sense if all of them are going to be asleep. I have got most of my contacts through Orkut. One of my friends uses Orkut and I asked her to join. She said she wasn't interested but she would help me spread the word, and so she has been telling people across Orkut and giving my link. I also do that and I have got some people. You can try doing that on some social network.
@lols189 (4797)
21 Apr 07
i have only 1 referral and sbe is not active. she has never used this site once
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