they say he's the wrong one....

April 18, 2007 5:06am CST
why is it that think you already fell inlove with your true love, a lot of people would opposed to you and would say that he's not the one for you. all they could see is the negative aspects of that certain person..they become judgemental and cant see the other side that the person had change....
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@zing_i (269)
• United States
18 Apr 07
everyone has thei point of view about a particlar person, and to some extend we cannot also understand or know a person wheather he is the one for us or not ..wheather this is true love etc.. somewhere doen the line i leve thid decision on god and pray about it daily and ask him the grace to make the decision if hes meant for methings will work out else it wont
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@victorwzj (539)
20 Apr 07
First of all , I know that you love him and he love you but the thing is your can't see the big picture since you already blinded with love and you probably don't care about what other people say. In your case you will defend your love and be with him no matter but the thing is you cannot just ignore other people judgment. The other people ( your families ) are the people that are not blinded with love and they probably * judge your boy friend in other various aspect such as prosperity prospect , behavior, treating you well and other aspect. I am not sure about your culture but in general asian family approval in this matter is very important. It is best you speak with people that opposed ( your families ) your love and find out why ?. I am not suggesting that you ask your boy friend to change to your family liking but just hear them out and make the final judgment call yourself. In this way at least you have show effort of hearing out your family and not just blindly follow your heart. I am not expect in this matter but hopefully this helps .