do you think that a regular smoker give up smoke in one day ?

April 18, 2007 8:11am CST
hi, my name is furqan from islamabad i want share with you this topic because i was a regular SMOKER. but i give up smoking.i have give up this by my self without tsaking any medicine do you bleive?
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• United States
26 Apr 07
I think that is very possible. I went and looked at your profile and see that you are 19. How many years have you been smoking? The longer you smoke the harder it is to give it up. It has been proven that cigerettes have something in them that is addictive and makes it harder to quit smoking. My husband has been smoking for many years and has tried three times to quit. He is still smoking but he doesn't have a strong desire to quit. He knows it is bad for his health but always comes up with some lame excuse for not quiting. My son on the other hand was a smoker and quit. It was hard for him but he stuck with it and doesn't smoke anymore. But he truly wanted to quit deep in his heart and there I think is the difference. Each person is different and I am happy that it was easier for you than it is for some people. Congragulations.
• Malaysia
19 Apr 07
hi,my name is rayser. U have to tell me how you did it.
@austere (2814)
• Philippines
18 Apr 07
i think that is possible. it depends on the will of the person. if one really have the will to quite smoking than that wont be a difficult task to do. as long as the person has the courage and discipline to do what he desires! am proud of you!congratulations! what you have done was not really easy and a lot people are having a hard time just to quit smoking. good luck and i hope you wont have a relapse, because sometimes, you willl feel like smoking again. i just hope you can control the urge and discipline yourself!