Who is Machester Uniteds BEST PLAYER- Rooney or Ronaldo VOTE!!

Manchester United - What can i say.......
April 18, 2007 8:40am CST
We all kno man u's a gr8 team an all but wat were confused is who is the better player on the field and gives more 2 the team than expected... Wayne Rooney(unbelievable work ethic and skill,helps out in defense) Christiano Ronaldo(Goal scorin spreeee) lets see eho gets the most votes from you people(you can enter any1 elses name 2 if u want to eg. giggs, cantona etc.)
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@darkness01 (1300)
18 Apr 07
Out of Rooney and Ronaldo i would have to say Ronaldo is the better player. However, i would say that Scholes is United best player because the way he switches the play and dictates the tempo with his range of passing is outstanding, he can also strike a ball with great skill.
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@loryfang (53)
• China
18 Apr 07
To me,I will choose CR.He make a great progress this season.
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@Michal51 (659)
• Germany
18 Apr 07
For me the best Manchester United player is Christiano Ronaldo. He is a bit better playing football and a lot more intelligent!
18 Apr 07
i couldnt really choose between them because with rooney ranaldo cant score and without ranaldo united cant win. this is why i chose both
@limalimon (638)
• Mexico
19 Apr 07
in my point of view i think cristiano ronaldo is a better player. just the manager sir alex ferguson said that he believes that cristiano ronaldo is the best player in the world cristiano ronaldo has more tecnique and more complete player than rooney
@r3v3ng3 (484)
• Romania
18 Apr 07
I think CR is in top form and he is such a great player I'll vote for him. But Rooney is a hard worker to and he could easily be selected "Best player" as well
18 Apr 07
@gbaben (509)
• Russian Federation
18 Apr 07
Let us Give it to Ronaldo.That is my man. Please don't change it.