Mu Online!

global - its already an addiction
@jenfer (166)
United States
April 18, 2007 9:00am CST
Mu Online, which has been localized as Mu Philippines by Mobius, take its inspiration from the legendary continent of Mu, also known as Lemuria in the myths, which, like Atlantis, sank after a catalysmic event. In this 3D-rendered MMOG, you can take on the role of Dark Wizard Elf or Dark Knight (no relation to Batman, I supposed). The Developers are touting their enhanced party system which encourages having different classes in your group by awarding bonus experience points. Mu Online also encourages players to band together by shelling out more overall experience points the more members a party has. So yup, even a players whose characters are practically walking tanks or demigods still have an incentive to join a party of inexperienced players. Just as I quickly found out when I tried the Mu Online beta, you don't have to wait long to kill your first monster, because the game drops you right in the middle of the action. You can also choose to follow either the path of a Hero or an Outlaw, while facing the consequences of your choice. For example, sure, it might be fun to play an Outlaw who keeps killing off other player characters, but do you think they'll be amused by that? Nah, they're gonna band together with some Hero and bring you to justice, of course. Again, PLDT play subscribers can enjoy another advantage, because they can avail of a free one month subscription to MU Online. Right now, you can play MU Online for free while it's in the beta stage, but Mobius is scheduled to start charging.
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• Brazil
7 Nov 08
its really big famous bro, try mu-aqueda its really good, its like counter strike xD Good game 4 all ^^
@sanokser (58)
• Israel
17 Jun 08
In fact you have to agree the game was a pure grindfest, the only thing that keeps u playing it, is the cute GFX combined with some nice skills, which are actually getting boring after some time too, yes i did like game until like level 100 and something than i realised its nothing , i mean there is no storyline at all... Lineage2 was my first and the last favorite game in internet, in fact i might actually come back and play it again ;) the castle sieges are just plain great!!! By the way if im not mistaken now muonline has castle siege too, but probably you wont be much of a compitent for people who started playing before you, all you can do is play a meat to prevent high levels being attacked 1 time :p
@Jyonu29 (45)
• Philippines
5 Jun 08
Hello there jenfer! Whoa, so you are a beta player? That's good! And I think you're a veteran too! Isn't the game real great? :D
• Portugal
15 Sep 07
MU is well made game and has a good story line. One of the BEST MMORPGs on the internet! A great game full of action. I didnt know it would be paid. LOL I thought it would have a real money shop like other MMORPGs.
• Brazil
9 Jul 07
mu online it is the best mmorpg of 2007. the grafics is excelent. the game is perfect.
@Ysera324 (237)
• Philippines
4 May 07
I miss MU.. I miss my magic gladiator, blade knight and my beautiful muse elf. *sigh* I really enjoyed that game and is one of my most favorite mmorpgs of all time. Lineage Chronicle II is my second. =)
@axelady (145)
• Portugal
19 Apr 07
My nefew plays mu online and i'm a little worried. He became too desperate to finish all his duties and start playing mu. I saw some scenes on that game and unfortunately i didn't understand very much. I don't really know what things are atracting my nefew, because he has a lot lot lot of games, but he plays a game a month or two and after that he gets bored of it. Well ...with mu online the situation changed. He started to play it almost a year ago and didn't get bored. He is too dependent.