The Endless Quest for Friends

@matt169 (229)
April 18, 2007 10:44am CST
Hello to all that read this :) Well first let me start by saying that although titled to seem like it would be real friends I am looking for it is not the case as such, it is more about making money online and how you can make money through referrals. We live in an age where the internet is so hugely popular and there are groups of people that like to attempt to make money online - well ok is one place so I guess everyone reading this comes under that group haha but you dont quite notice it here I have to say it is more like talking, discussing and meeting new people and earning a bit on the side rather than the "Click and Get Paid" websites. I recently found a site called AdBux and found it to be quite simple where you need to look at a page for 15 seconds , one at a time and you get paid $0.01 I think it is but currently I have $0.24 from clicking all the possible adverts, anyway promoting this site wasn't the main goal of writing this discussion/article but more to the point of how you can make money through friends and you get what they get for example if you clicked 50 adverts a day and 25 friends clicked the same you would earn $12.50 in total but the vast majority of it from your friends. So it is highly difficult to make any amount of worthy money online or well on AdBux without a referral but what I am wondering is how do you go about it, I do not have any friends that would be willing to click adverts so I am pretty much stuck I guess. Hopefully you can come up with some ideas or would even like to join me and sign up through my link if you wish. If you would like to sign up and also would not mind using me as a referrer then use the below link: If not just take off the end bit that is fine. is also a great way to make money but so far I have only accumulated $2.94 but it is not bad at all seeing as on some click sites I have and currently trying besides AdBux I am not even near the 3 dollar mark so MyLot is really great and hopefully I will be able to push things higher, it really is a great community and I am sure you all agree with me haha :) I have also thought about internet ads but none of my websites are quite so successful and seen by large numbers of people so it makes them look less attractive so it is better to be advert free rather than have a couple of cents I think. Thanks for reading, Look forward to any questions or like I said if you wish to use my link that would be great and Thanks but if not it is ok. Matt.
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