This Is Me

April 18, 2007 3:03pm CST
Hello! Everyone! My name is Joe. I'm a fatboy. But I don't eat meat. I like studying because good grades often make me happy. I'm good at Maths, English and Physics, Ilike them very much. I'm weak at Chinese and Ioften get 80 points, so Iwant it well. I like basketball very much and I often watch NBA TV.Ilike lots of stars in the NBA, such as Iverson, Lebron James and Kobe Bryant. Ialso like Yao Ming. He's from China and he can speak English very well, I believe I can learn english well like him. This is me!
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• China
19 Apr 07
Hi,I am Tiffany here,I am from China too,now I live in Zhejiang province.We have many same points and want to be friends with you.I like studing too.I am very interested in foreign languages,and I study English and Japanese.