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April 18, 2007 3:21pm CST
a friend on mylot started a discussion which brought me to this discussion (thanks weemam) My mother is a stickler for cleanliness. When you go outside her house and back into her house and leave just a speck of dirt she will get upset and grab a broom and immediently get it up. When me and the kids go to decorate her Christmas tree, the whole time we are getting stuff out to put on the tree, she will be running behind us grabbing ANYTHING that might fall on the floor or any empty boxes and put them away. If we are eating and you are sitting there talking, she will start to clean the table off and may even get your glass or plate and remove them. One time she had a guy come over to put in electric vents and he of course had to come in the house and make places for the new vents...she was constantly all around him and his wasy with a dust buster, vaccuming up anything he would leave behind and he wasn't no where through and would evenually be right back in there making another mess and she would be right there with the buster getting itup! He said he would NEVER come back to do anything for her again! It got on his nerves. She's done this when my hubby and I have went over to do stuff for her. It gets on our nerves! lol Anyone else know someone like that or is anyone like that?
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@jennybianca (12912)
• Australia
19 Apr 07
I hate to say this but your Mother shows all the signs of being an Obsessive-Compulsive. It's pretty common. I don't know why people develop this. My step children have a Mother who is OC, & they, unfortunately are developing the same habits. OC can be treated, but of course, the sufferer has to recognise that something is wrong in the first place.
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19 Apr 07
yeah, I've heard of people having something that is like a clean phobia. She would NEVER reconize that there is osmething wreong woth her! lol