Throat/Neck Problem... What is this?

@Pateos (79)
April 18, 2007 5:56pm CST
Hello people, Today i've had an encounter with a Throat/neck problem. Meaning Both my throad and neck were giving me much pain... And still is.Anyways i have no idea why this is happening. Let me explain what is going on with my throat and neck. On my neck close to the adams apple, i feel pain when swallowing, eating, chewing and moving my jaw. With my throat, when eating and swallowing things i seem to feel a sort of pain.. It is kind of unexplainable... Anyways i don't know what i should do, should i just go to the doctor or what? Im afraid this could be some sort of tumour or something :S
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@cupoftea (714)
• United States
18 Apr 07
Sounds like you have strep throat, swollen glands. I would gargle with salt water and see if that helps, if not you probably need to go to doctor for some antibiotics.
@Pateos (79)
• Canada
18 Apr 07
Thanks for the information. Hopefully i hope this helps...
@nishar (66)
• India
2 May 07
Might be viral infection, gargling with warm salty water can reduce the pain and inconvenience.