Giving tips - what would u do?

@delenep (212)
United States
April 18, 2007 6:04pm CST
We went out to eat last nite and received shoddy service. The table was sticky beyond belief and we asked the waitress to clean it. She wiped it w a dry cloth. We ended up taking my son's diaper wipes and cleaning it ourselves. The result, 1/2 a pack of wipe that were dark brown in colour w the dirt!!! She then couldn't remember our orders (we didn't say anything about cleaning the table ourselves, teh wipes spoke for themselves) and didn't know what was on special. We chose to pay by cc and when teh slip came back for signing, we were overcharged. IN stead of billing us 108.05, we were billed 180.05. She couldn't understand what she did wrong and of course conveniently did not bring back teh itemised bill w the cc slip for signing. (Thank goodness I'd looked at the bill carefully b4 giving her my card). Of course, I didn't put a tip on my card, I gave it to her in cash b4 giving her my cc. Now I wish I hadn't given her a tip at all. The service sucked and I would ahve been robbed blind if I didn't check my cc slip and would ahve been liable to pay it if I signed it. The manager wasn't appologetic either. Anybody have a similar experience? What was the outcome w u and what did u do?
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@wachit14 (3599)
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18 Apr 07
For such a huge amount of money, you think they could clean the table off. Frankly, I have never had as bad an experience as that, but I would definitely have complained to the manager. As for a tip, I would be hard pressed to give one for such shoddy service. Maybe if the waitress lost a tip on such a big bill, she would remember her order the next time.