Must we trust our love ones?

October 20, 2006 5:47am CST
Amazing question? Days are numbered,ours are counting,dawn has come, I was waiting for My beautiful Nina to come back into arms after I a stressfull day at the office.Time went by like fire ;20mins,1Hr,2Hrs,3Hrs. God I suddenly forgot I was waiting for my wife.I slept off thinking less about her.Sudden hunger for food jerked me up,then I awoke to hear a car driving to a halt in front of my apartment.Then it was 12a.m I saw two figures came down and were walking towards the house.My mind skipped,it was then I realised my wife was'nt expecting me back tonight because I had called her earlier to inform her of a night shift to fill in for a friend Mike and secondly, the light were not on because I slept off tired. Suddenly the door jerked open,Gosh! It was my Nina in skimpy skirt and hand in hand with another man whom I saw her with a couple of weeks ago.I had comfronted her then but she claimed I was full of crazy ideas! because I never caught them in the ACT!That night I was nauseating because this was the woman I had given all my life, time, earnings while working even extra hard to ensure that I give her the best of my time and resources.I WAS DOWNCAST, DISPPOINTED,HORRIFIED,ANGERRED, JEALOUS, AND what esle.....
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• India
30 Oct 06
well love starts wen you have faith on sme 1, if this kinda questions arise in any stage then thats not luv............