Claustrophobia - Scare of being in closed spaces.

@Pateos (79)
April 18, 2007 8:02pm CST
Hello people, Are you claustrophobic? Are you a person who is scared of being in closed spaces. Such as an elevator? Well guess what, i am! I am afraid of going into an elevator, there is no room in there and what if i get stuck! I don't like to close the door to my room because then i'd feel closed in again... Do you have claustrophobia... Or if you don't, do you have any phobias?
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@Augustta (1860)
• Poland
25 Apr 07
No i don't have claustrofobia(my ex-husband have it)i just have sleep alone in home fobia(lol). I am afraide to sleep alone in night...when my boyfriend is gone(very rarely) i have to sleep with my daughter(which become very protective) or to please a aunt to come sleep at me...
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@natalie1981 (2000)
• Singapore
19 Apr 07
I don’t know if it’s claustrophobia but once while I was sleeping in my room and the power suddenly went out and I remember feeling very suffocated because it was so dark and I feel like the room was so small and all. Then again, it might just be a panic attack, because I used to remember that I could hide in our cabinet when I was a kid and I never felt being suffocated.
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