how do you spend your time in college?????

April 18, 2007 10:42pm CST
as to me ,i feel that college life is not as good as i thought before.different people have different opinions,maybe there are some advantages and some disavantages,but i think the latter more than the former.sometimes it is so boring and dull,i don't know what should i do,and how to spend the time.i am wasting my time,i am so guilty to my parents.what do you think of your college life?what is the best way to spend the time?can you give me some advice?thank you
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@marababe (2510)
• Philippines
19 Apr 07
I always thought of college to be fun. But it's not true. It's more than being fun! I've experienced a lot of good and not so good things here and I have learned from them. I took every experience as a lesson that I should and need to learn from. I met new classmates, blockmates, professors and different people of different status in life that I'm already good friends with. I spend my college doing first the requirements ahead of the deadline so that I can still get to enjoy with my friends. The best way to enjoy college, is to be optimistic about it and not just focus on what is wrong and what is boring in your college life. Do something about it. Like spend time with your friends, and try to enjoy every class you have. You can't do anything if to the subject or the professor or you university if it is really boring but you can a lot of things to enjoy it. :)