Did your high school have metal detectors and require uniforms?

United States
April 18, 2007 11:08pm CST
I've seen it in movies and things like that, but I have never seen a school with metal detectors before. I did one time went to a high school that requires everyone to wear uniforms. The only thing that was great about wearing uniforms to school was that you didn't have to worry about buying school clothes. Everyone wore the same thing to class each and every week and we all looked the same so that no one can make fun of anyone else's clothing. But I just hated wearing uniforms, they are really uncomfortable. But I'm wondering if the metal detectors in public school really exist or is it only in movies. Perhaps they use it in some universities.
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• Brazil
20 Apr 07
Back in high school, we had tables near the entrances where the prefects of the school would search our bags. ---------------- Have a nice day -JCM-
@dita13 (431)
• Indonesia
19 Apr 07
well. my school doesn't has any metal detectors.. but in my country. from elementary to high school must wear unifom. well if we wear uniform we won't confused with what we are going to wear. but when it comes to college, we don't wear uniform except for private university[there are some that require to wear uniform]
• United States
19 Apr 07
I haven't seen a school with metal detectors either. I think that it's definitely a good idea though. My school never had to wear school uniforms, of which I was glad. I do see the point of them though, but kids are always going to find a way to pick out other things besides clothing to pick fun at. With all the violence going on in schools today, I think metal detectors are a good idea!
@Rozie37 (15499)
• Turkmenistan
19 Apr 07
I have never been to a school with metal detectors or uniforms. I think it is about time that they invested in something like this for the schools though. With all the shootings going on, it is time to get serious about protecting our children in school. My last two years of high school was in a private girls school, so there was no need for any security.