Fallen Angel or trouble??

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April 19, 2007 1:55am CST
So who is the fallen angel that fell from the sky in a parachute? She looked vaguely familiar...but I can't place her. And what happened to Penelope "Penny"? And what is the parachute girl doing w/ the pic of Desmond & Penny?...any clues??
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25 Apr 07
I think she is working for Penny and was given that picture as a visual reference. When they first showed her face, I immediately thought of Sahid's woman, I think her name is Nadia, that he was looking for. I can't really remember what she looks like and it would be a long shot that it would be Nadia, but this show is famous for tying everyone together. I think that the girl in the helicopter was chasing the beacon or signal that they picked up a while back and crashed unexpectedly; I don't think she was trying to land on the island. Can't wait to see the next episode!
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26 Apr 07
So do you think Mikhail was sending out the beacon to the helicopter? And that's why he came out running last night? The parachute girl's name is Naomi.
@nicolec (2673)
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24 Apr 07
I can't think of any clues as to who she is, although she looks a lot like Alex. But we know that isn't true. My guess, and only a guess, she was works for Penny. Penny gave her the picture as proof to Desmond that he should believe her. Now there could be two reasons for why Penny didn't go herself. 1) If Penny went, I'm sure her father would know. And her father has so much control over her, he would probably follow her out there. So that would be no good, therefor the friend/employee went in her place. Or 2) the girl is back stabbing Penny. Maybe, for whatever reason, wants the glory. So she took the picture and went off to rescue Desmond with out telling Penny. Or 3) I'm totally wrong, she's an Other, and Penny has nothing to do with it.