What are your fave things to do on the weekend?

United States
April 19, 2007 2:48am CST
Or on the days you don't have work, school, etc.?I'm always curious because usually I work on weekends~ but it seems like everyone else is out with friends or hanging out, etc. I guess I'm weird~ I usually prefer to work on weekends because of my fear of crowds. Then I choose 2 days toward the beginning of the work week as my days off. It's more relaxing for me~ and easier to avoid traffic, etc. I'm 34, so maybe I'm boring to some. But I do like to go out to bars occasionally. To play pool with my spouse or~ once in a great while~ have Girls' Night Out with some girl pals & dance in a big group of girls. I think it's a blast!Also~ I like straight bars sometimes, but sometimes gay bars are cooler. And the music is waaay better at the gay bars!!!But more often, I'm my thirty-something self, at home with the family. Which is fine by me~ most of the time. I'm one of those Eternal College Students. In life & in spirit. So even though I'm older (in years) than a lot of students~ I still like to go out & have fun with friends! What about everyone else? What do you like to do on weekends & with your pals?Blessings, Gwen ******
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