Do you think the TITANIC was the best possible nama for the film??

April 19, 2007 5:04am CST
Do you think if the Movie wasn't called the titanic or if the ship wasn't called so...would it still stay in your heart as it is now...tis really difficult to suggest as the movie is extremely emotional especially the background theme......lets see if you can suggest some other names that would have been just as succesfull....or you cud just reply by sayin it's name"TItanic" is the best it could have....
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• India
20 Apr 07
it would'nt have mattered.the movie was too good for some name to change its other name that i would like to suggest is"the unsinkable ship",the last voyage.
@saraa87 (48)
• Sweden
19 Apr 07
Titanic is most suitable since it was such a tragic accident.
19 Apr 07
I think Titanic is the best name it could have had really.