April 19, 2007 7:59am CST
I often get mixed signals. I don't know, it just happens. I need to do this and that, but I end up doing something else. So, my resolution this year of the pig, I'm never going to allow anyone or anything to distract me, not anymore.
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@sidoney (1033)
• Jamaica
23 Apr 07
I too tend to get distracted easily so I have started to write things down on paper
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@Shaun72 (15968)
• Palatka, Florida
20 Apr 07
That's agood resoulution. I get distracted easy myself by family memebers who think they know more and better.
19 Apr 07
What's up jackie, are you okay? I too easily get distracted, I hope all is well for you and hopefully i'll see you around here more. ~Joey
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@whyaskq (7532)
• Singapore
21 Apr 07
Few months have past in the year of the pig, so how was your resolution? Is it 25% fullfilled :P It is easy for one to be distracted simply becauase what one is doing is not that "attractive" and hence cannot sustain for long. If there is passion in what I want to do or what I am doing, I find it hard to be distracted. I am easily distracted if I am bored or doing something just for the sake of doing.
@whyaskq (7532)
• Singapore
25 Apr 07
I assumed your resolution has been partially fulfilled. Thanks for the best response :)