How Many of You Have a Family Member Who Served in Desert Storm or in Irag?

@SheliaLee (2738)
United States
April 19, 2007 9:11am CST
I have noticed only one person so far who has a family member in Iraq. I was wondering if there are any others out there or if any of you had a loved one to serve in Desert Storm? I don't have anyone in Iraq but there have been some men from my church who have had to serve there and I know it has been awful for all of them. Thank the Lord they have all come home safe. My husband served in Desert Storm for six months. That was an awful time for my daughter and me. My son had not been born at that time. My daughter would cry every time her daddy would call if she got to talk to him so he finally started calling me during the night when she would already be asleep. I had to hold up for her and do my crying when she wasn't around. I worked for Tennessee Valley Authority at the time and I was glad to have a job to keep me busy. One lady in the office made a comment to me when I went to work the next day after the ground war broke out. She said "I don't see how you can be here, I would be at home glued to the TV." The only thing I could tell her was: 1. It wouldn't bring my husband back any quicker. 2. I still had bills to be paid even while he was gone. The day that my husband came home was so wonderful! We met him in Muscle Shoals at his reserve unit and then when they dismissed him we were able to take him home. Before they were dismissed all of the family members were standing there while they went through the program anxiously wanting it to be over with so we could take our soldier home. My mother, stepfather, mother-in-law and father-in-law were there with us. I had a sign held up saying WELCOME HOME STEVE!! My daughter Amanda, she was 5 years old at the time, was being held by my father-in-law up on his back. She could see her daddy and she got to crying out "Daddy, Daddy, I want you Daddy" I didn't say a word to her, that was her daddy. When we got to Leighton members from our church had put yellow ribbons on the telephone poles leading to our street and all the way down to our house. We lived on the same street as our church at that time and there was a crowd of people standing in the parking lot waiting to welcome Steve home. I still get teary eyed thinking about it. They said their hellos, wished him well and then let us go on home. One of the men from our church had mowed the grass freshly for us and a lady had put a beautiful pot of fresh flowers on a chair on our front porch. The next morning when I got the newspaper I saw on the front page an article about the unit coming home and there was a picture of Steve holding Amanda and getting a big bear hug from her right on the front page!! I've still got that picture here at home. To those of you who have loved ones in Iraq, I want you to know that I'm praying for you and your loved ones and my thoughts are here with you. I pray that he/she will be home soon and you can be reunited!! God Bless Each of You!!
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