what was your unforgettable experience?

@jesseca (209)
April 19, 2007 12:55pm CST
Mine was when me and my friends go on camping.. it was a summer vacation.. My friends and i go to mount Apo.. haha.. it was so scarry, going up there.. and it was a new experience.. we walk up to the middle of that mountain then go camping there.. damn! its took us so long to go there so we are really so tired... and then we get our camping tent and get ready on all the things that we must do in there... When all is done, we set a bonfire coz its already night! we sit in there and we talk about funny stuff, our experience and etc. we are so happy being together.. we talk and talk until we were so sleepy and go to tent... when we wake up, my friend was preparing our food to eat.. we walk and see whats been in our sorroundings.. weve seen many trees, even wild animal.. but were not scared of them.. we stayed in that mountain for about 2 days.. i really cant forget that experience.. how about you?
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• Canada
20 Apr 07
Sounds like my experience, having a camping trip with me and my buddies. but you know that story. I'll never forget the night sky, and it will always be a big part in my life from now on