is it hard to earn money

@amjada (379)
April 19, 2007 1:49pm CST
Do you think money is very hard to earn, or do you think money is easy to earn. I think people find it easy to earn, How easy do you think is it. Are do you find money is very hard to earn. Well i do. Do you?
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@mik0930 (371)
• Philippines
2 May 07
For me, it's yes. It is because I am still a student but I receive adequate allowance to save. I save a lot, but I don't consider it as earned money. I earn by designing tarpaulin posters, making web designs, and editing photos. I market my services to my relatives. It's so hard to earn because you have to work always at your best to be referred by your friends and family members.
@amjada (379)
2 May 07
Tanks for posting.Yes money IS so hard to earn.
@semodders (456)
3 Jun 07
well i dont think its hard all you gotta to do is look for a job if cant do any jobs then try doing home biusness still cant do it then try getting some free cash from
@tellus (1441)
• Finland
26 May 07
sometimes it's easy sometimes not... mostly not...