Make Money through Mechanical Turk

@asahibza (388)
April 19, 2007 3:47pm CST
Mechanical Turk ( is a subsidiary of Amazon. It offers many paid assignemnts. It is a very good model whereby many requesters want interested people to do certain tasks for compensation. These are the tasks which are supposed to be doable only by human beings as against computers. So the tasks which can not be performed by computers are assigned to human beings. Any time there are thousands of tasks available on mturk web site. Each of these tasks is called a HIT (Human Intelligence Task). Major advantage of this program is that it has the backing of Amazon, reliability and it has a simple user interface. Among its drawbacks, major ones are its low payments by US standards and no cash payments to non-USA and non-Indian residents. So the site is more favourable towards USA and Indian workers. It is understood that to start with, compensation was a little better. But now most of the tasks are paid in pennies. The lowest paid task has a reward of one cent. However, some programs have compensation in dollars. These are mostly Podcasts and other research programs. Sometimes, some good programs really pay well. For example, when I went to MTurk web site today in the morning, I saw an assignment with an award of $4 + bonus. I guessed that I could do this in 30 minutes. By the time I hit accept button, the assginment had already been taken by some one else. Lot of tasks are repetitive also. If you understand one, then you can go on doing others without reading instructions. Over time, one may be faster in doing HITs. Apart from money making, this site is also used for using idle time and killing boredom. Whatever the reasons, this is an anther money making opportunity to some people though laborious at certain times. However, there are always plenty of tasks found on this site. This site could particularly be useful for residents living in India as Amazon pays to Indians in rupees by a cheque. For all other countries, earnings are redeemable in gift certificates. One can buy anything on and get it shipped. However, one has to be careful with tariffs, as these could be more than the cost of price of an item. One needs to be careful here. (Note: This article has been reproduced from my blogs at and
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