living between two railroad crossing

@aribaba (368)
April 19, 2007 9:01pm CST
just this morning i've notice there is a small kiosk for people to have a breakfast and morning coffee located between railroad crossing. i can't imagine how could that be? how is there is an accident, let's say the train passing and suddenly thrown out from the rail? God, that was the strangest thing I saw this morning. how about you? have you ever seen such this weird things happen around your neighborhood?
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
17 Nov 07
I witness a train hit something on the track, and jump off the track and then roll back onto it.. and roll through just fine.. However the train later did derailed the following day.. the problem was with the the train wheel.. so that is weird.. but the weirdest thing I witnessed happen was my Ghost cat chased some unwanted company and a freak thunderstorm appeared out of the blue sky.. I think that is the weirdest thing I had ever witnessed.... Now bed and breakfast by the two railroad crossings.. Good place for railfans, and people like myself to go to.. just to relax and listen to the trains roll by... yep some of us find trains relaxing, and uplifting, as the rest of the world may find them an nuisance and annoying... - DNatureofDTrain