Ha Ha!! I'm actually being paid for a survey...I thought it was a SCAM!

@toolfan (305)
United States
April 20, 2007 12:00am CST
I was extremely upset when I paid for a survey site to join it, and found out that I could have found a ton of the sites for free on my own. I thought that I was out my $35, but I saw a post on a forum a while back that really got me thinking. The majority of the reason why I thought that I was ripped off, was because they were promising me to make a ton of money the 1st night. Then they show you a paypal statement where the person made $600 per day. Of course, I signed up, and then found out that it doesn't work that way. It occurred to me that the Paypal statement was based on the person being an affiliate for the survey site. They were getting 75% of the $35 fee I paid. Now it made sense. They were getting paid for referring to the site, but showing you the statement as if it was from surveys...And hence, you get the survey scam. Once I realized this, I knew it was not a scam, simpily a money making opportunity, just like some of these sites that say "wealth" somewhere in the address bar. They are all LEGAL pyramid schemes...because they sell a service. Much like the SURVEY SITE sells a service of putting them all in one spot for you to signup. Whoever wrote the website played a dirty trick on us...although they told us the "truth" partially. Now on to the part where I am actually making money. I read in that forum I was talking about how people sign up for all these sites, and then get upset because they get nothing but surveys with "Sweepstakes" entrances. Eventually, they get tired of filling these things out, or give it cheap answers, and them quit the whole business. The lady who made the post was rambling on and on about this. That's when it hit me. These "Sweepstakes" offers were actually ways for the survey companies to PRE-SCREEN you!!! They wanted to see how you would answer, and in what detail before they give you the high paying jobs...Another thing that the Survey Sites don't tell you....So I started filling them out...in detail, and the paying offers started coming. Right now, I have a box of Cheez-It's that I am "trying" for a week. Heck, I've been eating them my whole life. Yet, a Survey Site wants me to "try" the Cheez-Its for the week. At the end of the week, I sign in, and answer 10 minutes worth of questions. For that, I get $60!! Anyhow, I have 2 online focus groups set for the 24th of April, which each pay $35, and was also given $20 for answering a 10 minute survey on Microsoft Word. I'm over $150 now. I get $5 surveys all the time, and even was paid $80 to watch 30 minutes of movie trailers, which I get to do on the computer. Lastly, I watched a 30 minute show called "American Shopper", and then completed a 15 minute survey, for which they paid me $20. Bottom line, I just wanted you guys to know that it is still B.S. when they say you will make $1500 per day...Well, partially. You can make $1500 per day...It's just not from surveys, it's from being an affiliate. If you want to be an affiliate, you will need to sign up in most cases, but above and beyond that, you can still make money doing the surveys. This is the site I use, because it has mostly good quality and the lowest price of the "paying" survey sites. http://svybiz.surveysc.hop.clickbank.net -- If you do sign up, then e-mail me at money-genius@hotmail.com, and I will help you to get set up as an affiliate. You have my word on that. I will also be happy to give you guys some good paying survey sites that are free out there if you would like them...Places like LightSpeed, Survey Spot, etc...Like I said, though, the real money comes from being an affiliate, and being honest about how you actually make the money. Toolfan
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@qoo_rie (428)
• Indonesia
20 Apr 07
Is that for US residence only? cos I'm from Indonesia....That sounds amazing.....
@toolfan (305)
• United States
20 Apr 07
Qoo-Rie, You can sign up anywhere in the world. The only pre-requisite is that most of the surveys will require you to be 18 years old. I want to remind you that you need to complete the initial "sweepstakes" surveys to start getting the FOCUS groups, higher paying surveys, and free-trials. Make sure that you are detailed on your answers, and being honest. This is how you can actually start making money. As for the affiliate program where you get paid 75% of the amt, or $23.50, I am 99% sure you can be from any country. I will check for you, though. I do know they accept Paypal, and a lot of different payments, etc. Good luck, and don't get discouraged like I did at 1st. They will pay you, and most of all, you will get a GREAT return on the affiliate program, also. E-mail me at money-genius@hotmail.com if you decide to signup, and I will forward you all the links, and affiliate information. I'll check on the affiliate situation, and whether or not you have to be from the USA. Watch for a reply.
@annihilus (2184)
• Italy
21 Apr 07
Not all the programs are scams. About surveys I only use Pinecone Research that I consider the best.