have you ever given blood?

United States
April 20, 2007 2:20am CST
i havent but im thinking about it. so any advice would help.
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@jimvien (60)
• China
24 Apr 07
I havent till now,but I am going to do it this year.I think that is a great thing for me.
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• Canada
22 Apr 07
I've always wanted to but unfortunately I cannot... I am diabetic with high cholesterol
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• Singapore
22 Apr 07
I've donated blood on several occasions. It's a relatively painless procedure. Takes about 45 minutes in all. First of all, you will need to fill up a form on your medical history and recent travel history, etc. Then you will meet a doctor who will interview you. Thereafter, the nurses will take a blood sample from you via a puncture on your finger to determine whether you have sufficient iron in your blood. If you are found suitable, you will then be allowed to donate blood. They will inject you with a local anasthesia to numb the inside of your elbow. Then, a needle will be inserted into the site to draw the blood. When the bag is filled, the nurse will then take some blood samples for lab testing for diseases. Thereafter, the nurse will withdraw the needle and ask you to apply some pressure on the site to stop the bleeding. After several minutes, a sort of bandage would be applied to the elbow. But please do not worry, none of these procedures will hurt. You just need to relax throughout the entire procedure. I hope you will try it and be a regular donor and help to save lives. :)
@alicebun (204)
• China
21 Apr 07
I have not yet,in fact,I want to,but I am afraid of seeing blood,and also I am afraid of pain.So I have not done it!However,I will do this this year!I think I have this encourage!
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@klystron635 (1520)
• Philippines
20 Apr 07
Donate blood - Donating blood helps save lives. It also cleans out your body by making new and fresh blood in you.
I haven't had any experience of donating blood. I had a low blood pressure for a long time now and that's the main reason why I don't donate blood. But the experience is fun though. You get to donate blood and who knows who will need your blood. Advice, let's see. You should donate your blood only to hospitals and other registered blood donating places. You don't want to get disease just because you decided to donate blood. I guess that's it. I am not really aware of the what to do's in donating since I haven't experience it.
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