Philippine RO. Guide the newbie

April 20, 2007 3:30am CST
Hi guys. I've started playing RO back in highschool, continued til the first two years of college, but neglected after more than a year. I'm planning on coming back to RO, unfortunately, it seem like a lot has already happened and I'm quite lost now what to do. My account was already gone. So I have to start right from the scratch. What server is the most novice-friendly? I imagine it will be most disheartening to be a novice while the people around you are already GODS. And what job will you most advice that will be easier?
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• Philippines
22 Apr 10
if you want easier life in ragnarok maybe you should stick on private servers stop playing in official, why do you need to pay for the same enjoyment you can get from free servers, pRO is a very corrupt server i suggest you to stay away from it
@SHINE333 (1284)
• India
20 Apr 07
We all need money now. So we look to get them the most easiest way I too in search of this. Regards