The Bible, When Did the world the First Bible as we know it today

By Nic
@academic2 (7005)
April 20, 2007 4:09am CST
I often read the bible and realize that the may chapters there in were written a different time scale and age! When did the book we now call the Bible come to be a complete book?
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@fectoab (72)
• Canada
30 Apr 07
The Bible books were gathered together in codex form (in the book form as we know it today), as early as the 2nd century. It is said that the christians of that time might even have invented the codex. The first Bible to be printed in the form of a Bible as we know it, was printed in 1455 by Johannes Gutenberg. This man lived in a time when items began to be produced in large numbers and he thought of producing the Bible in this way also. The Bible, at that time, was hand copied, thus making it very expensive and available to a priviledged few. Gutenberg wanted to change this and make the Bible available to everyone. Although his project didn't succeed as he dreamed it would, some of his Bibles did get printed and you may find one of them in a USA museam (worth over $2million in 1978). What a noble cause this man had!
@kiwimac (323)
• New Zealand
21 Apr 07
The Old Testament came to be codified in its current (Jewish) form in about 70 BCE. While the NT was not codified until around 300 CE and it was also around that time that Eusebius produced a combined Old and New Testament for Christians.