Does each maneger like tall and beatiful assistant?

@invana (11)
April 20, 2007 4:13am CST
although my major is jonalism,but I really want to find a job as a manager assistant. canse I want a regular and stable life. I want to put most of my enegry on my husband and son when I have a family . However,I'm afriad that I can't find a proper job like that.firstly,my major has no relation with that.secondly, I have too much experience in this.but it's of my classmates has got a job as an assistant for a big foreign company.but she is totally a beauty,tall ,good skin,delicate face,maybe not smart enough. I want to know that if the key point for a manager assistant is that you should be tall and beatiful enough.
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• China
22 Apr 07
i completely undersand your feelings now,cause i have similar experience though i am's society is full of discrimination.the people who have good looks and shapes of course have advantage to others in many aspects especially in job-hunting.a lot of my classmate's experiences have proved that.but i still think most of the professional manegers dont care the appearence but the ability to finish the work. so i still think that one can realize his dreame through his hard work.