Do you like motivating people or you like people motivating you?

Do you like motivating people or you like people m - I like motivating people. what about you?
@thefuture (1750)
April 20, 2007 5:09am CST
I like motivating people, because I am facing challenges in life and whenever I see anyone in such condition, I feel encouraged to motivate him. What about you? Do you like motivating people or you like people motivating you??
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• Malaysia
20 Apr 07
i like motivating people.. but at times. .i do read motivation books.. i think those books are very useful . .especially when you're down.. when you feel hopeless.. the light is there.. to shine you.. enlighten you.. and then you know.. nothing is impossible....all you need is just to work harder and harder.. everyone start from the bottom..there's no shortcut in life.. so.. don't try to take any shortcut... recently, my friend broke up with his girl.. and i motivated him to keep chasing after the gurl.. don't give up :P
@suju15 (184)
• India
20 Apr 07
Motivating people is great.It brings a great joy to you when you see the person motivated by you, achieve success in their life.It feels like you did a nice deed for someone that day, and your own life feels fulfilled.Motivating people, and to see their lives full of enthusiasm, and their excitements, is reward enough for the Motivator. I can do it very well, so any day, I would prefer to be the Motivator than be the one who is Motivated.
@megaplaza (1441)
• Nigeria
20 Apr 07
i like to motivate people, bcos it gives me joy that someone out there drive inspiration from my deeds and at the same time, i need to be motivated, because it fires me up and gets me going.
@lanshang (139)
• China
20 Apr 07
i wish i can motivate others,because i want to see they can cheer up.but i am not good at that.most of the time,my friends motivate me,and i'd like to thank them here.