How addictive is mylot!!

April 20, 2007 5:48am CST
If i knew how addictive mylot was going to be i might of thought twice about joining... no, then again, probably not! I dont know where the time goes! I have done this before with other websites however the difference is, i feel rewarded from mylot. Not just financially but because of the quality of conversations and the amount of genuine people here!! I dont know if its just the novelty of been quite new, or if i am going to stay this addicted to mylot! Do you find this aswell? Did the newness soon wear off and you stopped using it as much?
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@lifetalk (680)
• Pakistan
20 Apr 07
Well, mylot to me is really addictive. I mean, everything about mylot is addictive. Those little numbers with the dollar sign before them, then the discussions, the communication with friends here. The social activity, the freedom, the personal feeling. Everything. But the major thing that keeps me coming back is the earnings here in mylot. I am being really honest and would also like to add that if mylot were to stop paying, then maybe i'd be not as active here as i am! I mean, i know it's very selfish of me, but as i said, i will be active, but not as much as i currently am!