Some irresponsible parents

@capssy07 (207)
April 20, 2007 6:56am CST
The case of having irresponsible parenting is not a new case in every country. Most causes of this, are unwanted pregnancies, unwanted marriage and many others. The result of this is, many children are born with hatred and have difficulty and experiencing parental love. In most times, this children in an environment full of hatred and trouble. As a result many cases of crimes roots from this.
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• Philippines
2 Jun 08
It's really disturbing, I hope more people can help the children overcome the trauma and grew as a good person.
@Easytime (126)
• Nigeria
20 Apr 07
the case of irresponsible parents is due to poverty.. no parents loves to see their children going wayward. if there is high rate of poverty in a country such that the poor are not able to feed well, they will tend to detoriarate in their responsiblities. they will send their children away and will not be able to take care of them... Responsibility has to do with being able (financially) to take care of your family.
@yasaran (788)
• India
20 Apr 07
Absolutely. I agree with you on every word. I have seen children being more notorious whose parents take less care of their kids and leave the kids to fend for themselves. Though I have seen many such and even advised some of the parents for letting their kids to themselves, I have got a negative response from them. Well more than advice we cannot for them to look after their children. The child can learn good things when their parents are around and are vigilant. If that is not there, the children will be influenced by bad elements and become corrupt.
• Malaysia
20 Apr 07
yes.. i do agree with you.. many irresponsible parenting is due to that reasons.. but.. what are you discussing here? how should we curb this problem? well.. i think the only way to curb is to give more education to the young ones.. and current parents have to more open minded in accepting their child marriage.. don't forbid for fun.. what happen next is your child going to be single mother.. and who's the one suffer the most? the unborn baby.. right? government cannot help all the time.. government has its limit too.. with only 1 party working towards it.. such problems are impossible to be alleviated.. we need all parties to cooperate.. including teenagers of course :)