Is it necessary for Paypal A/c. for any credit card for verifying paypal account

April 20, 2007 9:33am CST
Recently i have opened with paypal. The paypal requires credit card otherwise it appears unverifieid account appears. And also they did not give me account number i have confused a lot please help me
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@touchnshine (2821)
• India
21 Apr 07
Dear sekhar2007 I request you to check the discussion started by me with title -- This is for all Indian users special regarding payment on myLot. There I have explained many thing about Paypal and -- how to get money through Paypal. Paypal won't give you any account number dear -- it's just the email address -- is your login address -- and this address is the only medium to take your money through Paypal. For more idea please check my discussion .. Sorry I can't copy paste because I have not reached -- 500 posts. Hope my discussion will help you :)
21 Apr 07
you dont need a paypal account number you just use your email address you registered with them to ask for payments to be sent to your email address you can receive payments if your account is unverified but cant withdraw you have to verify by adding a bank account or credit card and then they deposit an amount in your credit card account or b/account and you have to enter the amounts you find on your statement. although i havent earned much through paypal i think its a great service as you get account statements can set up standing orders and direct debits aswell and if youre accounts working well you can apply for a paypal credit card also if you get referrals through your link after their balance reaches a certain limit youll get commissions for free aswell..not that ive got any referrals or commissions...!!!!
@jeggie (99)
20 Apr 07
Hi there. It is not a requirement to be verified. Being verified means that you can withdraw your money from your paypal account into your bank account. Paypal requires either a credit or debit card if you are buying something by paypal, but to recieve money you dont use your card. Also, you dont have an account number, it is your paypal email address which money is sent to. i hope that helps your confusion.