Modern Life

April 20, 2007 10:14am CST
humor A:After everything making by online,modern person maybe free. B:Not at all.People would find more and more things to do.For example,Check status by fingerprint in the airport,inspect one's luggage,rareful to look for whether it is soft bomb the toothpaste or the hair oil whether somebody hide drug or not...whether he is true when you meet a'll test pesticide remnant when you buy food,You'll check water qurity to look whether it tally with health classify refase...Poeple would be more and more attentive,more and more patient. Since this,too trifling ,and endless,That will become true what equaling rights for men women at the end,Which poeple seek all along but it haven't realize now. B:Oh,my God! by jemmyhuang
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