Terrorist is the best while playing Counter Strike. Anyone agree??

@hrangte (286)
April 20, 2007 1:45pm CST
We have an apportunity to plant the bomb and make the CT hangaroung to find the bomb and attack them when they reach the spot of plant bomb.
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• Greece
7 May 07
I agree with you but not exactly.. There are some levels that CT are better but Terrorists have the advantage of Ak..
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• India
9 May 07
Well Dude!! It actually depends upon following things that what is best for you while playing Counter-Strike: 1. Practice 2. Accuracy 3. Knowledge of Map 4. Skill of Team Members 5. Your Concentration I hv been playing CS for last 2 years. & have won many championships. So, it's all upto your skill Man. No matter if you are a Terrorist or Counter Terrorist.
• India
14 May 07
i wll go wid moundoul hes right in each and every aspect of this disscusion
• United States
30 Jun 07
No way, CTs all day. M4a1 in ya' dome piece.
@drax669 (14)
• India
14 May 07
hahahahahah ur right my frnd but u r forgettin that to get to the plantin sot u r sppose to get through the ct's moreoverr most difficult part is that if a gud magnum sniper is there in the ct then ur in a big trouble
• Brazil
13 May 07
im discord i prefer CT
• India
28 Apr 07
yes i am with you i played as terrorist and won collage competition in this game :)
@Snorlax (15)
• Latvia
22 Apr 07
Maybe someone agree your text , but not me !!