Thinking about the future.

@dlkuku (1936)
United States
April 20, 2007 8:00pm CST
The older I get I sometimes think about what if's, and not good ones. I worry about what would happen to me if my husband and I split up or worse, if something happened to him. Either case is possible, we have had our share of ups and downs, but he is trying since our last big fight, as I have. But what worries me, is that not only am I getting older, but he is, and he is five years older than me, in fact he will be 48 on Wednesday, and he already has several ongoing health problems. So for all practical purposes I worry at times, but also try to plan for my future, not to say I can't be the one to go first, but I know he can take care of himself. He has made positive steps in caring for me in the event that he should die, my house and car will be paid off along with several other debts, but it's not just a money factor. I think the hardest part would be being alone, with no one to depend on. And I really don't think that I would be interested in another serious relationship for a long time, if ever. So I think I would sell my house and move back home, because I would really need my family. Is this something that everyone worries about?
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@jessemt35 (294)
• Qatar
27 Apr 07
It is natural to think of the future, to plan ahead especially when we are growing old. The thought of being alone with no one to depend on is the hardest I agree. Worrying is different from thinking and planning it makes you fear the consequences of the future, it makes you more sad and lonely. In my humble opinion think and plan about the future but don't worry about it learn to live for the moment because each moments in man's life has plenty of worries to bear with. The future is uncertain for us but we must plan and think of it I agree only that we must learn to accept joyfully and prayerfully if you are a believing person or if not then accept that all of us will grow old and be alone with no one to depend except that for a believing person he has faith in God and he has the hope that he is not alone. Acceptance and letting go makes us more strong in facing life's challenges.
• India
23 Apr 07
it ia a simple thing in which every family in this world are facing so dont get feded with in the "LORD ALMIGTHY"and have faith on that your prob. will be cleared soon..........
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• Philippines
23 Apr 07
Cross the river when you get there and there are some ways to do it either thru a bridge or boat, etc. Your worries about such may affect you physically and that's a bigger problem. Of course we have to plan ahead so that when it comes we are ready. But some of those you worry about are not necessary to think of right now. Just enjoy life with your husband and if anything bad happens, then face it and do things necessary to be done.
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@mlgb_24 (638)
21 Apr 07
hmmm, not really. i think about it, but not worry about it. my husband and i makes each day as if it is the last, so we don't lose out on anything. if that day comes that we leave this earth, then at least we know we're happy. if you worry about that too much, it might affect your health.
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