does your mother in law annoy you abt being more religious?

mother in law nagging over religion - my mother in law is way too religious. i' mvery much happy for her. why the hell she forcing me to do same.
@gem786 (61)
United States
April 20, 2007 8:23pm CST
mostly mother in laws from middle east countries are way too religious and annoying. for instance, my mother in law pray 5 times or more time a day. her regular day start with prayer and ends with prayers. i was sitting with her other day. she start giving me lecture abt how i should become religious like her. now, i don't have any problem being religious. i also pray 5 times a day. but i seriously hate the way she compose her decision on me. so once i told her" lsiten i hope you see me praying everyday, and i don't wana overwhelmed myself into praying all day. i also have my personal life as well. ya when i become old like you then i can consider this option for myself." oh my gosh she freak her and start screaming at me like an crazy old lady. i wasn't disrespectful toward her. i jsut express my feeling abt being religious. she even tell my husband too. he jsut ignore her comment and went outside. she is interfering in my life too much. i know she is oldest and respectful but give me my space too. anyhow wut would you do at this situation. do you think i answer her back disrespectfully?
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@mlgb_24 (638)
21 Apr 07
no. my mother inlaw is religious as well. i would speak to my husband on how i feel about her. and probably, when you're not too emotional, then probably your mom inlaw and you could sit down and have a heart to heart talk. it helps being honest. it hurst sometimes, but it helps.