Have you ever been cheated out of something that rightfully is yours?

United States
April 21, 2007 12:05am CST
I am a member of two sites that pays you to read emails, etc. I am not really that active but I just enjoy reading the paid emails. Anyways, I decided to switch to a new DVD rental membership and both this two sites offer incentives but one site is $15 dollars less...so definitely I choose the other one who pays more to sign up for this membership. And then I discovered that the other account was credited of my membership which pay $15 less. I was like...hey, $15 is $15. I was thinking of contacting these websites but I decided not to coz I have to explain and complain and too much hassle. I better answer discussions at mylot. And I was thinking too, how did this happen. So, I guess I just have to kiss the $15 goodbye. Have you experience situations that you feel like you are being cheated of something (money, services, etc) ? Please share your experiences. It probably will make me feel better knowing others have more or less similiar experiences.
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