Would you allow your bf/gf to go clubbing w/o you...

United States
April 21, 2007 1:09am CST
My bf is working in the ship and I went clubbing 3 weeks ago with my girlfriend together with her other friends whom my bf haven't met yet. They were bunch of guys and girls...I really had fun dancing and I believe they can be a very good friends. My bf over reacted as if I might be flirting with those guys. I admit I danced with them and of course together with the girls but nothing more than that. Besides it's a club so it's more fun to go dancing right. He said that a person goes clubbing to hook up and "booty dance" with a stranger. I think that's ridiculous! I like to go clubbing to have fun and unwind once in a while...not to hook up! I told him that even if there are tons of guys in front of me...as long as I'm not doing anything wrong like kissing, flirting or sleeping with them then I'm fine! I have a clean conscience that I'm not cheating on him. Do you agree with that? He don't and he said that I can't go clubbing until he comes back. Ughhh...do you think he's a control freak or just insecure? I know I love him and I can't see myself without him but I'm not sure how more controlling he could be when we married...
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• Philippines
21 Apr 07
I think its just a normal reaction for any guy to his girlfriend specially knowing that he doesnt know who you were with that night. I smell jealousy on him. As to your question, yes i do allow my boyfriend to go clubbing with his friend, though sometimes i feel afraid and as well jealous but i do trust him.
• United States
21 Apr 07
That's what he told me...he doesn't know who I'm with. Well if he trust me enough then I think that's fair enough to let me go right? Thanks!