Can't eat meatless pasta dishes?

April 21, 2007 2:57am CST
Are you the type of person who just can't eat meatless pasta dishes? I've read somewhere that authentic Italian pasta dishes need not have meat/fish/chicken/pork and that the noodles and sauce and the herbs are just enough. In my case, I think I can't eat meatless pasta dishes. I think my palette will really look for the meat LOL What about you?
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@rodeotexas (1153)
• United States
22 Apr 07
I can eat it without meat. I love it with chicken though but just plain pasta is great too. Well I love alfredo so I can eat that plain.
@Galena (9119)
21 Apr 07
funnily enough, I'm having a pasta bake with no meat tonight. we usually do a bake with tuna or bacon in it, but couldn't be bothered to sort that out. I eat meat, but if it's not in a meal I don't feel like there's something missing.
• United States
21 Apr 07
I have been a vegetarian for 14 years - so I always eat my pasta without meat in it. However, even when I ate meat, I prefered my pasta without it.
@maximax8 (31159)
• United Kingdom
21 Apr 07
I like to eat pasta. I have a carrot or mushroom sauce to go with it. Sometimes I have a sort of salad dressing that has a taste of lemon and vinegar. I add crushed nuts to it as well. If I eat spagetti I like some dairy free spread on it. It is a healthy alternative to butter. Many people like tomato suce on pasta but I dislike this. All of these are meatless and they taste delicious.